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We all know that many people come to Cobourg to retire – that means we need more health care and eventually palliative care. Since 2010, Community Care Northumberland has provided a visiting hospice program which provides in home palliative care for “individuals living with a life limiting illness and who are in need of end of life care”. But soon, they will also offer a place that provides beds and support on an “inpatient” basis. This will require capital to build a suitable building as well as ongoing operational funds. On May 25, Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, announced that the Province will pay $315,000 annually towards operating costs. This makes the project feasible and will support three beds - although Community Care had hoped for five beds.

Trish Baird, Executive Director, Community Care Northumberland, said that a team will now work on details such as finding suitable land, deciding the size of the building and how much money must be raised. She then expects to launch a fund-raising campaign early Fall 2017. The planned opening date is March 2019.

Community Care is managed by the Central East LHIN and was chosen to operate the new facility because they currently provide visiting hospice services. Go here for a list of services provided   West Northumberland was chosen because there is already a three bed facility in Warkworth  Note that this web-site is worth a visit so you can see what a hospice building looks like – inside and out.  It’s more like a home than a hospital.

The new facility will serve as a “centre of excellence to provide patients, care givers and family members with seamless access to all aspects of hospice-palliative care programming.” It will be a single storey building and as well as having 3 bedrooms it would have meeting rooms and offices. The building would be a hub for staff who provide outreach, support and administrative services. Volunteers and others would use the new building as a centre for training and information. It would be about the size of a large house – perhaps 7000 sq. ft.

In their announcement of funding, the Province provided some background information.

  • Community Care Northumberland has 140 trained volunteers as part of its visiting hospice volunteer service. Last year, they provided 3,750 hours of service to 250 clients.
  • According to a recent study of the Northumberland Hills Hospital catchment area, the need for inpatient palliative care is expected to grow by 75 per cent over the next 25 years.

Not explicitly mentioned is that palliative care in a separate facility will free up much needed beds in the Hospital.  The project also meets one of the goals of the NHH Strategic Plan.


Addendum - May 29, 2017

Additional info from Community Care Northumberland (CCN)

What is a hospice care centre?

A hospice care centre is a healthcare facility and registered charity that provides palliative care services by an inter-disciplinary team with palliative care expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a home-like setttng for the individual and their significant others at no cost to the user. A hospice care centre provides an option for adults and children with life-limiting illnesses to receive end-of-life services where death is imminent.

What do we know about the CCN Hospice Care Centre?

At this tme, we know that the CCN Hospice Care Centre will be a homelike setting surrounded by green space – a freestanding building with three beds, along with other spaces to support service to individuals, families and caregivers across the continuum of their palliative care journey. These spaces will include a quiet room for private visits with family and friends, a lounge area for larger gatherings, a kitchen and eating area, along with rooms for programming and therapy. The CCN Hospice Care Centre will be a Hospice Hub, where individuals, families and caregivers can access programming and support from the time of diagnosis to the time of death and beyond. CCN will offer grief and bereavement services for family members, friends and others in need.

CCN has been involved in the delivery of Hospice Palliative Care services since 2010. Since that time, the primary focus has been Volunteer Visiting Services, in which trained volunteers provide support based on the needs of the individual. CCN staff members and volunteers work to support clients in living and dying, and their loved ones in grief. The hospice care beds at the core of the Care Centre will allow the CCN to offer a much more comprehensive suite of hospice care services and additional options at the end of life.

The announcement is the first step in a long road to realize this vision. We will keep you informed of developments through this newsletter [for CCN volunteers] and other methods as our capital campaign gears up. The need for volunteers through all aspects of this project will be paramount. Stay tuned!

Trish Baird, Executve Director

Addendum - 22 September 2017

Ontario Street in Hamilton Township has been selected for the above pending approval of its zoning application and a public community consent process this fall. The building team collaborated to research over 40 potential sites before concluding their rigourous selection process from a shortlist of five.

The building committee carefully considered every site for many aspects, such as being easy to get to, accessibility, and lots of space with natural light for families to take comfort in. Criteria were weighed based on cost, municipal services, appropriate zoning, road links, communication services, parking, lot size, and more. An application for consent to sever 1.5 acres from a larger parcel, along with an application for a zoning by-law amendment has been submitted to Hamilton Township Planning department. Once the site has been approved, the committee can continue its work toward designing and building the Centre.


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