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The beach is now partially back in business except for the west end which is mostly still submerged.  The Marina is doing much better than other Marinas on Lake Ontario although it will be a while before hydro is available for most boats.  The worst has passed - water levels are gradually going down and we should be in good shape for the Sandcastle Competition on the August long weekend.  The OVA Beach volleyball on Saturday June 10 was moved to Toronto - there was not enough beach available!  A smaller volleyball competition did happen on Thursday June 8.

The Marina is still able to provide gas and diesel and some pump-out service but not hydro for most boats. The water level will need to go down another two feet before hydro can be provided - currently the cables are under water.  High water June11 Because Cobourg's marina is in relatively good shape and is one of the few on the lake that are accepting transients, the marina has more boats than you might expect.   Marina staff are working to help boat owners with special problems.  One boat is "live-in" so must have hydro.  By mooring alongside the boardwalk, the "line-in" boat at far left in the photo at right is able to get hydro from a separate outlet available at that location.  Likewise other boats that need to charge their batteries can get a temporary connection.

Not all Marinas on Lake Ontario have floating docks like Cobourg - this would be one reason why many marinas and yacht clubs are closed.

The Beach is a whole lot narrower than usual but there were visitors on the beach on both Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of June (see photos below).

The good news is that water levels have peaked - they are about 8cm (3 inches) below the peak.  Measurements are approximate since they vary within each day by quite a bit - see graphs below.  This year will go down in record books - not only have water levels been the highest since they were first measured - but they are currently about 80cm (31.5") above levels usual for this time of year and 1.2m (47") above summer levels.  See the charts below.

For source links, see the earlier post on this subject.

High water June11 02 350 High water June11

Water level June11Water level trend June11


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