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 In February of this year, Council reviewed the Strategic plan for the period 2015 – 2018 and added some actions (see link below).  At the Council meeting on June 19, Stephen Peacock presented a report on progress against the plan’s objectives.  But before he did, Gill commented that the public must agree with the revised plan since there were no comments received when it was made available for public inputs. As Gil said: "Silence is approval". In the plan, many objectives have actions that will be completed in the near future and others will be pushed out to 2018 or 2019.  The Waterfront implementation plan should be approved by Council by December 2017 and Downtown vitalization marketing should also be completed this year.  The Parking study is up for review or maybe they should just start again on that.  But there is progress and this report to Council is of itself a big plus.

There were no comments by councilors so I guess they all agree with the progress made so far and they approve the expected competion dates.

Objective 1

Developing and implementing a Community Waterfront District plan

This is happening with the actionEstablish final needs and objectives list” scheduled for presentation to Council in September and “Design options and priorities listing” scheduled for November 2017.  Also scheduled for November for the waterfront is “Develop cost estimates, revenue opportunities and timeframes” and then in December “Present Final Business and Implementation Plan to Council for approval”. So we should know what Council is planning by the end of this year but perhaps too late for inclusion in the 2018 budget.

Objective #2

Supporting the preservation and enhancement of the Town's recreation, arts, culture and heritage

This involves developing a cultural master plan for completion by sometime in 2019; developing an implementation plan for the Parks Master plan by 2018 (the plan was created in 2013); create an Implementation plan for the Cobourg Community Centre Campus Plan by 2018; present Recreation Strategy Plan including associated cost estimates, timelines and recommendations to Council for approval in 2018 (This plan was developed in 2016)

Objective #3

Promoting diverse economic development opportunities

A report to the Council on marketing Downtown is planned for June with its implementation scheduled for the second half of 2017. 

The Economic Development department plans to work with Port Hope and the County during 2017 and 2018 to “support four season tourism initiatives”.

The Venture 13 initiative is under way with completion by December.

Planned for 2018 is an update of  the Parking Study from 2013.  This basically said that we are OK and no major actions are required!

Reports on the effectiveness of the Downtown CIP will be provided in November each year.  There is no longer any mention of the CIVIC project.

Objective #4

Managing sustainable growth and development

Now that the Official Plan is approved, new Zoning bylaws are required and scheduled for 2017-18.  A sustainable master plan for the Tannery District is to be presented to Council by March 2018.  Public meetings on this project are currently happening.

An update to the Town's existing Climate Change Master Plan is planned for 2018 – I didn’t know we had one.  I could not find one on the Town’s web site.

Planning will also be working on the Cobourg East Secondary Plan and in 2019 provide some policies and guidelines for sustainable development.

Objective #5

Improving efficiencies and effectiveness in municipal operations.

Develop and Implement an Information Technology Strategic Plan in 2018; Continue to implement and improve the Town's Asset Management Plan; Review and improve the financial performance of the Cobourg Community Centre and the arenas; Complete YMCA/CCC amalgamation option review by July 2017.



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