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There are currently renovations being made to the Police station to improve the Lobby (see Link below) and make it more welcoming for everyone.  But currently, the front entrance is not accessible.  If you are in a wheelchair you have to make your way around the back to a back entrance - and to make the station truly accessible, everyone must be treated equally.  So the front entrance will be modified to include a ramp (see pictures below) and the regular stairs renovated.  In addition, the bars will be removed from 8 windows because they are not needed on the Police Station (they were fitted late in its role as an Armory) and they are causing damage to the brickwork.  These changes were approved at the recent Council Committee of the whole meeting.

Not mentioned was the fact that the current entrance needs to be spruced up and has needed that for some years.  It is after all an old building.  Although the building is not designated as of significant Heritage interest, it is in the Heritage district so the changes were first approved by the Heritage advisory committee.

Gil Brocanier said the cost of the work is included in the current capital budget.

Cobourg Police Station archiveThe design does not require the sidewalk to be widened so the parking spot for police vehicles directly in front of the station is retained.

The bars on the windows may seem like a Heritage characteristic but according to architect Reno Piccini, an archival photo taken in 1914 (at right) shows a portion of the front of what was then an Armory building and although several windows are visible in the photo, there are "no signs of steel bars". See for yourself - there seem to be bars to me!  Further, the windows visible do not currently have bars (see photo below left). However, the conclusion is good: if bars cause the building to deteriorate, don't suit the current building usage and don't really serve a heritage function, then they should be removed. There are a total of 8 windows covered with steel bars; 3 on the north façade and 5 on the west façade.

See the photos below - as it is today (left) and as planned.(right).

police station police station planned



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