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At the last Council Meeting, Council agreed to fly the Gay Pride Flag at Victoria Hall during the month of June. So today (June 23), there was a ceremonial implementation of that. The Police were represented although they had flown the flag earlier in the month.   Also represented were the Mayor Gil Brocanier, Deputy Mayor John Henderson and Councillor Suzanne Séguin as well as some staff and a few members of the Public. The initiative was led by DBIA Chair Adam Bureau and was supported by Ashley Bouman, President of PFLAG and Vice Chair of Northumberland Pride. A Pride event was to have taken place nearby on Second Street but weather forced a last minute venue change to the CCI. (There was a small sign on Second street redirecting people).

In his speech, Gil said that flying the flag was a symbol of Cobourg’s commitment. The Police had already shown their commitment and, for the event, had Pride logos on their uniform (see photo below).

When Ashley spoke, she mentioned several events. As well as the PFLAG event at the high school on Friday, there have also been events at the LOFT finishing on Sunday.

And last but not least, although road closures have not been approved and will not be happening, there will be a Gay Pride March of sorts along King Street on Saturday June 24. It starts at Victoria Hall at 12:00 (gather starting at 11:30am) and is being organized by PFLAG (which is Parents Family and Friends of Gays – Facebook Page). It will simply proceed along the sidewalks.

Below are photos of the event.

Cobourg Pride 2017 Cobourg Pride 2017

Cobourg Pride 2017 Cobourg Pride 2017


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