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September 23

1. The problem with comments clashing with a Joomla update has NOT been resolved although comments have now been re-activated.  Stay tuned for some major changes to this site over the next several months.  The intent is to continue with comments although there may be loss of comments older than a few months.  The momentary downtimes required for troubleshooting will now cease.  More on future changes here.

2. Ontario Street in Hamilton Township has been selected for the six bed Hospice in West Northumberland pending approval of its zoning application and a public community consent process this fall. The building team collaborated to research over 40 potential sites before concluding their rigourous selection process from a shortlist of five.  More here.


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Earlier in 2017, the old CDCI West school property was sold  (see link below for report) but there was no announcement as to what the building would be used for.  Mayor Gil Brocanier has now announced that it will be used by William Academy who already have schools in Toronto and Scarborough.  They plan to open in Cobourg in September 2017.  There will initially be 25 students although over time the number will grow. The property includes only the CDCI West building – the playing fields to the South were not up for sale and still belong to the School board.

The school is private and intended for International students who want to improve their English and get good marks. Each class is limited to 20 students and they say that 100% of graduates are accepted into postsecondary education.  Teachers would be hired locally although they would no doubt initially be part time with only 25 students.  I’d guess that initial students would come from a transfer/ overflow from the Toronto or Scarborough campus.

Local accommodation would need to be found for students although eventually the building may include accommodation facilities.  When asked about possible problems with asbestos in the building, Gil responded that while there are no renovations (that is the asbestos is not disturbed), the building is safe.  If there are future renovations, speciality remediation companies would look after any issues.

As well as the influx of students and some work for teachers, we could expect that parents would visit from overseas from time to time.

Gil said that Cobourg is attractive to this kind of operation due to our clean environment and presumably our proximity to Toronto. 

Looks like a perfect use for the building.


Update - July 27, 2017

William Academy placed a half page advertisement in Northumberland News that said the following:

William Academy Offer 10 Full Scholarships

William Academy Cobourg West, located in the former Cobourg District Collegiate Institute West building, is now open and is preparing to welcome a small number of international high school students to the community this September.

William Academy will be offering 10 full scholarships to Cobourg students, giving them the opportunity to receive an excellent Ontario education with a global focus.

In addition,
William Academy will take five Cobourg students (grade 9, 10, 11) on a free 10-day trip to China, where they will attend a leadership conference from October 14-24, 2017.

William Academy offers academic excellence for those students wishing to go on to university. The classes are small, the teachers are caring and the program is rigorous.

William Academy Cobourg West, 135 King St. West, Cobourg   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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