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In the latest public meeting on the waterfront project, there were two parts: 1. A report on the survey and 2. A chance for the public to indicate which projects were important.  There were two meetings – 55 people came to the first one at 4:00pm and about 35 came to the second one at 7:00pm.  A total of 2000 people completed the survey – of these 55 were hard copies and the rest online.  85% were residents of Cobourg and most of the rest lived in Hamilton. For comparison, a similar survey in Kingston had 600 participants. 

Survey highlights

Improvements Needed

Minor improvements 46%
Major Improvements 35%
No improvements 19%

Below are highlights where results were 50% or more.  However, for detailed percentages use earlier results since the consultant said that percentages were about the same.

Trailer Park

Land should be made available for a waterfront Hotel Disagree 80%  
Campground should remain but have upgrades   Agree 58%
Should be converted to picnic space and special event space Disagree 62%  
Make the space available for future community facilities (e.g. cultural centre) Disagree 64%  
Consider expanding the season with rental cabins Disagree 57%  


Town should maintain existing service level   Agree 56%
Reduce service and discontinue boat storage Disagree 68%  
Increased boat storage should be located inland   Agree 55%
Invest in Marina if profit is used for other users/uses   Agree 54%

East Pier

Pier should be upgraded to be pedestrian and vehicle friendly and accommodate special events Agree 59%
Access to the end of the pier and lighthouse should be included Agree 63%

West Headland

The West Headland should be connected to the west beach by a pathway Agree 64%
Access to West headland should be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists Agree 76%

West Beach

The West Headland should be connected to the west beach by a pathway Agree 62%
The West Beach should be naturalized and include pathways Agree 66%
The Ecology Garden Concept should be extended to other planted Areas of West Beach Agree 53%

Victoria Park

The Parks use for special events should be reduced Disagree 59%  
More features and amenities are needed for families, children, seniors, disabled   Agree 68%
Different types of events should be hosted – e.g. arts shows, wine tasting, food events   Agree 66%
Accommodating multiple simultaneous events and uses should be possible   Agree 60%

Donegan Park

Donegan Park needs better washrooms etc Agree 67%

Another result reported separately is that 82% think that Tourism is important (Corrected from original).

From the above and other inputs, the consultants came up with a long string of recommendations in 10 categories.   Everyone was given 12 dots and asked to use the dots to indicate which of the many projects were important.  This would then be used to help prioritize projects.

I was particularly impressed with the suggested solution to the Trailer Park conundrum.  First, there was no suggestion of a hotel or restaurant there.  Too many people opposed the idea.  There might be space on the East pier which might work better – perhaps it could start with a food truck on the pier in summer.  The Trailer Park idea is that the front row of trailers would be replaced with trees – see sketch below.  Although the Trailer Park is reduced in size, it’s still there and the prime waterfront space would become a strip of parkland.  There would also be a path allowing people to walk through the Trailer Park without intruding.

Victoria Park Campground proposed

Waterfront Public meeting June 27 Waterfront Public meeting June 27

The results of the dots prioritizing would be provided at a future meeting – the next one is scheduled for September 27.

Note: The original version of this article had errors in what was agreed and disagreed. My apologies.




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