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  • J Andrew Hall said More
    "A Heritage Christmas - Celebrating Canada 150" New website up at
    Sunday, 15 October 2017
  • Newbie said More
    Cobourg is hot......Ontario is not. Thanks to our beach, pier, Marina , and parks! Monday, 09 October 2017
  • James Doherty said More
    Anyone know the theme this year. Would like to get started on a float. Monday, 02 October 2017
  • Dubious said More
    Langevin Bridge in Calgary is being renamed to "Reconciliation Bridge".... Monday, 02 October 2017
  • Frenchy said More
    “In a presentation to Council at their next Committee of the Whole Meeting on... Monday, 02 October 2017
  • Frenchy said More
    Dunno, are there young children and Moms with baby carriages on those sidewalks too? Friday, 29 September 2017
  • Lorry said More
    Does that apply to young children on their way to school along Burnham Street? Friday, 29 September 2017
  • ben said More
    Tell that to the stupd woman who nearly impaled herself as she rode into my... Friday, 29 September 2017

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Truckloads of sand and a grader have put Cobourg’s Beach almost back to normal.  There were pools that were getting stagnant but rather than let that become a safety concern, the Parks Department proactively filled them in and ran the grader over them.  On Wednesday, the beach was in use and should be ready to accommodate the large crowds we usually get on July 1st.  See photos below.  Water levels are still at record highs but today at noon Cobourg’s water level was at 1.55m which is 12 cm or 4.7 inches below the peak.

Water levels are still very high compared to previous years but they are slowly dropping – see the graph below.  The graph shows that we are still 80cm (31”) higher than normal but the lake is expected to drop about 20cm (8”) per month.

Of course temperatures also have to climb to get the crowds and right now, forecast temperatures are not more than about 25°C for the weekend.

Lake Ontario June 28 2017 Beach June28

Beach June 28  2017 Beach June 28 2017

Update June 30, 2017

Beach June30 Unfortunately, heavy overnight rain has flooded the beach again. See photo at right taken at 10:30am June 30.


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