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I thought a simple survey on what to do with the Trailer Park would be useful.  I had hopes that democracy was alive and well in Cobourg.  However, the people wanting the trailer park to stay as it was commandeered the survey - they were skewing the results.  Perhaps they put the word out to friends. There were also responses from people who were not Cobourg citizens - probably users of the Park.  So the survey has been discontinued.  While it was working properly, the results showed about 33% wanted the Trailer Park to stay as it is and 66% wanted change.  Of the 66%, the majority agreed with the suggestion by the consultants to remove the front row of trailer spots and replace with trees. An approx equal number wanted the trailers replaced with an extension of Victoria Park, a few wanted a boutique hotel and some wanted a restaurant.

A significant number of people made "Other" suggestions:

  • A hotel has appeal but open to other options; the trailer park provides a summer cottage for a limited few. Another use might provide broader access, broader use, more tax dollars through tourism etc.
  • Get rid of trailer park and replace with stores and restaurants
  • I would like to see the space used to benefit the summer people and have some summer refreshment put there, people like to have a nosh and a drink,that is the way of life today.  I too don't want to walk by Peogle who are dining, same goes for people living on their boats in the Harbour.   It has become another parking lot.  Thank you for this opportunity. 
  • Improve the park as a Campground. It is currently not managed to its full potential
  • It is a veritable cash cow that the Town needs to capitalize on- with a few upgrades, fees can be increased substantially.
  • Keep campground and improve it
  • Keep campground and improve it. Cement pads would be nice.
  • Maintain current lot size, but convert the back row of sites to very small cottages
  • Raise the rates in keeping with its competition and improve it.
  • Reduce size and add trees as in #3 above.   Because this will reduce 10 to 15 spaces need to increase charges for parking trailer.   Reduce # of big rig and increase tents and tent trailers.
  • Restaurant area
  • Upgrade trailer sites, include more tent sites for bicycle tourism, plant more big canopy trees (this trailer park was covered by full tree canopy at one time - it was lovely) and use trees as part of winter light display with food and warming huts and washrooms, limit size of trailers using this prime space, fix ring road as winter skating oval ... and for locals who feel like outsiders, make friends with the trailer park people. Keep it a family zone including beach access. The trailer park site really can be a multi-use space over the seasons.  No permanent cabins but seasonal yurts ok. No smoking outside ... it is a public park.

I'm disappointed that many people cannot be civil about this issue.  Too bad.

As a footnote, several people reported that many people at the open houses cheated and put several dots against their favourite project (e.g. keep the park as it is) even though they were told explicitly not to do that.

Emotions are running high on this issue and democracy is in trouble in Cobourg.


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