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September 23

1. The problem with comments clashing with a Joomla update has NOT been resolved although comments have now been re-activated.  Stay tuned for some major changes to this site over the next several months.  The intent is to continue with comments although there may be loss of comments older than a few months.  The momentary downtimes required for troubleshooting will now cease.  More on future changes here.

2. Ontario Street in Hamilton Township has been selected for the six bed Hospice in West Northumberland pending approval of its zoning application and a public community consent process this fall. The building team collaborated to research over 40 potential sites before concluding their rigourous selection process from a shortlist of five.  More here.


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  • Rosemary C Avery said More
    yeah 10 hours ago.
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    Bless the Garrett's, their son died a true hero 2 days ago.
  • Annoyed said More
    If the town had not changed the bylaw to allow 24/7 entry to the park, and had... 2 days ago.
  • Wayne Gretzky said More
    And that was great 40 years ago but now it is 40 years old and Memorial is close... 3 days ago.
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    Can not see any good reason to keep this building. 3 days ago.
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    It wasn't supposed to be an arena - we had one in the memorial arena, we needed... 3 days ago.
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    Great news for the nearby residents! However, consistency is key. I must say... 3 days ago.
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    p.s. Where is the itemized cost estimate for repair to bring it to basic... 3 days ago.

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With a forecast of more rain, the expectation was that it would not be like previous years.  But when the parade started at noon, the sun came out and the rest of the day was typical July 1. The only negative was the beach which was still half covered with water.  But there were a lot of people in Cobourg so instead of the beach, they flocked to Victoria Park for the speeches and the booths, the Midway seemed busier than usual and the Rotary tent also seemed to be doing well.   The Parade was good although there were only the two local bands – the Concert Band and the Legion Pipes and Drums.  The video below shows the Parade, an edited version of the speeches, the beach and the harbour.

I’m not sure what the benefit is of long speeches – the only one I liked was Rob Franklin dressed as James Cockburn reading out the proclamation of the 1867 act which we are celebrating  this year.  (At 13:31 in the video).  Some actual history.

After the speeches, there was entertainment at the bandshell and the Lions had their beer tent.  The day was capped with Fireworks at 10:00pm – thousands watched including a big crowd on the West Beach.  Cobourg knows how to put on a party and the word is getting out.


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