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September 23

1. The problem with comments clashing with a Joomla update has NOT been resolved although comments have now been re-activated.  Stay tuned for some major changes to this site over the next several months.  The intent is to continue with comments although there may be loss of comments older than a few months.  The momentary downtimes required for troubleshooting will now cease.  More on future changes here.

2. Ontario Street in Hamilton Township has been selected for the six bed Hospice in West Northumberland pending approval of its zoning application and a public community consent process this fall. The building team collaborated to research over 40 potential sites before concluding their rigourous selection process from a shortlist of five.  More here.


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  • Rosemary C Avery said More
    yeah 10 hours ago.
  • Timmy said More
    Bless the Garrett's, their son died a true hero 2 days ago.
  • Annoyed said More
    If the town had not changed the bylaw to allow 24/7 entry to the park, and had... 2 days ago.
  • Wayne Gretzky said More
    And that was great 40 years ago but now it is 40 years old and Memorial is close... 2 days ago.
  • Dam said More
    Can not see any good reason to keep this building. 3 days ago.
  • ben said More
    It wasn't supposed to be an arena - we had one in the memorial arena, we needed... 3 days ago.
  • Susie-Q said More
    Great news for the nearby residents! However, consistency is key. I must say... 3 days ago.
  • Mimi said More
    p.s. Where is the itemized cost estimate for repair to bring it to basic... 3 days ago.

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For the second year, Staples hosted the 12 young entrepreneurs who won up to $3000 in startup money from a Provincial program called Summer Company.  The idea is to encourage young people to go into business – even if it’s just for the summer (see link below to article for the 2016 entrepreneurs).  Whatever their success, it’s certain they will learn from their experience and some may even go on to turn their idea into a full-fledged business.  As well as startup cash, winners get mentoring from the Business & Entrepreneurship Centre managed by the County.  On hand to congratulate the winners were Northumberland County Warden Mark Walas and M.P.P. Lou Rinaldi.

To be eligible, applicants had to be students between 15 and 29 years old. There were 30 applicants in 2017.

I was interested to discover that all those I spoke to were promoting using Social Media but only a few showed up on a Google search even though many said they "sold online". No doubt they'll learn as they go - you need to do more than just sell to your existing "friends/followers". Some were obviously targeting just a summer job; others were looking at more.

Cobourg has had an ongoing program of encouraging and subsidizing entrepreneurs but few have lasted more than one summer.  See links at left.

The photos show Lou Rinaldi inspecting some of the booths and a group shot of all the winners.

Young Entrepreneurs at Staples Young Entrepreneurs at Staples

2017 Winners

Dawson Dawson Campbell Bubble Balls Cobourg Bubble Balls Cobourg is a large inflatable bubble ball rental service servicing Northumberland and area, which each person wears the bubble ball and can bounce around, play soccer and have fun, and is fully protected. The newest popular 'sport', is a unique activity, great for team building, and fun exercise opportunity.
Sarah Grubb Less Mess Providing a professional, friendly home cleaning service, for the residents and neighbourhoods of Brighton. Offering flexible scheduling, primarily for the elderly residents, at affordable rates.
Tiffany Huider The Sirens Bliss A health and wellness product provider. Offering incense, incense burners, tumbles stones, stone pendants, felt bags, smudges and smudge burners. Offering a wide variety of scents, and precious stones in beautiful choices. Located home based in Warkworth, online, and the occasional local market.
Daniel Koerber DD Advertising   A sales experience dedicated to local initiative in Brighton, and potentially expanding to surrounding area. DD Advertising offers local businesses graphic design, and advertising placement on paper restaurant placemats.
Chloe Leguard Cobourg Escape Room A fun and interactive source of entertainment is the next big thing. Providing entertainment, team building, mysteries and using imagination and skill - Cobourg Escape Room found in Northumberland Mall will provide an hour of clues and mysteries to solve the puzzle.
Molly Klintworth Pink Empowerment An exercise based program and service that aims to use physical activity as therapeutic means to recovery for women who have undergone cancer treatments. Servicing Northumberland, Pink Empowerment will be personalized to each client and their needs.
Tristan Robertson Designer Way Based out of Cobourg, Designer Way will offer a personal shopping experience providing consignment of popular brand name items for young women and men at very affordable rates. Place your order, or see what's available in stock on Facebook or Instagram. (Servicing Northumberland).
Matthew Rowan Imagine Hobbies Offering unique products for the hobbyist and collector, such as train set props, beyblades, and stamps. Also, offering unique hand crafted items; such as small wire trees with birth stone beads to create a unique family tree, cross stitch patches for magnets and keychains. Home based out of Cobourg, Imagine Hobbies will sell online and at local markets and events in Cobourg.
Matthew Sherwin Back Channel Firewood Supplying ready to burn firewood for the weekend camper, or for those who burn wood as a main heat source over the winter. Selling in bags, cords and half cords, Back Channel Firewood offers a roadside stand north of Campbellford convenient for passersby, and ready to take online orders.
Juliette Sinnott Fleuri Clothing   Fleuri produces and sells handmade clothing and accessories for women made from fine European materials. Products include flattering skirts, stylish headbands, and cute make-up bags at affordable prices. Fleuri can be found at the Port Hope Farmers market, and occasionally in Cobourg.
Cassidy Tizzard   TizzArt    Beautiful art work sketched by Cassidy, transferred onto graphic t-shirts and selling at Campbellford events and markets (and online), where 15% of proceeds from each specific art shirt will be donated to local charities of choice. Those include; Campbellford Horticultural Society, CatCare Initiative Campbellford, Green Living Roof at Aron Theatre in Campbellford, The Owl Foundation, and the MS Society.
Paul Turcotte Paul's Computers PC's Based out of Cobourg, PC's Computer company will provide a service to fix and repair computer issues. Specializing in backups, computer set up, hard drive work, photo storage management, upgrades and security fixes, PC's will also provide small retail inventory of computer products.



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