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Since 2014, Cobourg has helped young entrepreneurs operate businesses in the town, including at the waterfront.  It was expected that up to two young entrepreneurs would operate booths supplied by the Town (see links below) but in 2016 there was only one with the other operated by the town to rent bicycles.  This year, although there was one application, it was not for the beach location and was withdrawn when the applicant got another job.  Currently both booths are closed but the Town is planning to start renting bicycles “soon”.

Northumberland 89.7 FM News reports:Waterfront booths

The Youth Entrepreneur Partnership Program was launched in 2014 as a pilot project and is seen by the Town as a valuable program in offering youth between the ages of 18 and 29, living in Northumberland County, the chance to operate a business either for the summer or on an ongoing basis. The main goal of the program is to give youth the opportunity to operate a business in the hopes they will consider entrepreneurship as a career choice.

Economic Development Officer Wendy Gibson told Northumberland 89.7  that:

“…there were several inquiries but very little follow through by students who called in response to Cobourg's advertising of the venture. The Town takes applications throughout the year and Cobourg hopes to enlist students for the 2018 program. This is the first year when the kiosks will remain closed.

Gibson sees a bright side to the inability to have student participation. She says it is indicative of a healthy economy when students are able to find summer employment readily”.

Although the beach has not been very busy, it would have been good to have bicycle rentals available for the Canada Day weekend. The reason given for their absence was that there was a glitch in the credit card payment system which is not yet fixed. With the summer one third gone, let's hope it can be fixed quickly.

And for the other closed booth, if youth are not interested, then perhaps the Town could rent it out at a nominal fee for anyone interested.  Better it be put to use than sit empty. One wonders if it's worth pursuing youth entrepreneurs in 2018. It seems none of the 12 winners featured at Staples wanted what the town was offering.




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