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September 23

1. The problem with comments clashing with a Joomla update has NOT been resolved although comments have now been re-activated.  Stay tuned for some major changes to this site over the next several months.  The intent is to continue with comments although there may be loss of comments older than a few months.  The momentary downtimes required for troubleshooting will now cease.  More on future changes here.

2. Ontario Street in Hamilton Township has been selected for the six bed Hospice in West Northumberland pending approval of its zoning application and a public community consent process this fall. The building team collaborated to research over 40 potential sites before concluding their rigourous selection process from a shortlist of five.  More here.


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    yeah 10 hours ago.
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    Bless the Garrett's, their son died a true hero 2 days ago.
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    If the town had not changed the bylaw to allow 24/7 entry to the park, and had... 2 days ago.
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    And that was great 40 years ago but now it is 40 years old and Memorial is close... 3 days ago.
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    Can not see any good reason to keep this building. 3 days ago.
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    It wasn't supposed to be an arena - we had one in the memorial arena, we needed... 3 days ago.
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    Great news for the nearby residents! However, consistency is key. I must say... 3 days ago.
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    p.s. Where is the itemized cost estimate for repair to bring it to basic... 3 days ago.

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Cobourg has entered the Communities in Bloom (CIB) competition this year on a National level – that means we are competing with 5 towns in the 15,001 - 50,000 population category:  Amherstburg ON, Dorval QC,  Leamington ON,  Mission BC and Orangeville ON.  The judges arrived in town today – they drove from Dorval where they had just completed evaluation.  Both judges have extensive experience in Gardens, Parks and the Communities in Bloom competition.  Although Communities in Bloom is a lot more than gardens, a desire for community participation and the fact that attractive gardens do help meant that Cobourg held a garden competition this year.  Out of the many entries received, the expert judges chose 6 winners – details below.

CIB 2017 JudgesLorna McIlroy & Normand Fleury - CIB 2017 JudgesThe judges will be in town until Thursday 13th and will be escorted around Town by members of the CIB committee and town staff.  (The committee is listed with other town committees here). Their visit was kicked off by a welcoming dinner at the yacht club – see photo at right: Lorna McIlroy from Grande Prairie, Alberta & Normand Fleury from Granby, Québec.

As described here, there are 8 categories for judging

  • Tidiness
  • Environmental Action
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Urban Forestry
  • Landscape
  • Turf & Groundcovers
  • Floral Displays
  • Community Involvement

In 2016, Cobourg won 5 blooms (out of 5) in the Provincial competition. Points are awarded in each category and the total determines the level of the award. Results will be announced September 13 to 16, 2017 in Ottawa during the Symposium and Awards Ceremonies with the theme of Communities and Green Spaces …Celebrating Canada’s 150 Anniversary.

In conjunction with Cobourg’s entry into the 2017 CIB competition, a garden competition was held.  Below are the names of the winners together with photos of just a portion of their gardens. There were several categories so that (for example) small gardens did not compete against large and private did not compete against commercial.

Yvonne Michalski and Clive Alexander 303 King St. W.
Debbie and Illya Roumeliotis 1017 Frei St.
John from Foodland Division St.
Rick Lazenby 325 Densmore, #1204
Martha Oldham 120 University Ave E., #903
Henk and Jane Vermeer 50 Springbrook Rd.

As usual, click any photo to enlarge then scroll through them all.

  CIB winners 2017 Yvonne Michalski and Clive Alexander CIB winners 2017 Debbie and Illya Roumeliotis

CIB winners 2017 Foodland John CIB winners 2017 Rick Lazenby

CIB winners 2017 Martha OldhamCIB winners 2017 Henk and Jane Vermeer



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