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Well maybe no new interchange for 25 years but these things get planned a long way ahead. The area in the east of Cobourg - north of King and East of the CCC all the way to the north boundary is the next area to be developed after the New Amherst and West Park developments are completed. Tentative ideas for this area assume that there will be another 401 interchange around Nagle. That's off Danforth near the eastern boundary of Cobourg. Any interchange would be paid for by Cobourg and not the Provincial Ministry of Transportation (MOT) but planning is already starting.

Although actual construction will likely not start for 25 years, the MOT will shortly start working on the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the stretch of 401 from Division to Colborne for an eventual 6 or even 8 lanes. They offered Cobourg the option of tacking on the EA for the Nagle road interchange to their contract. The cost would be $294,060 compared to about $600K to $700K if it were stand alone. At the next Council meeting, Council will be asked to approve spending this now to take advantage of the savings. Most of the cost (75%) will be recovered from Development charges but the other 25% would be from the 2018 Capital budget.

East Secondary planAccording to the memo from staff:

The Cobourg East Community (Area "C") is a 570 ha tract of land in the northeast sector of the Town of Cobourg. The Cobourg East Community Secondary Plan envisages this area to ultimately be a compact, urban community for approximately 16,500 people and 6,500 dwellings, in addition to having employment and non-residential development.

To accommodate the traffic generated by this growth it is anticipated that a new interchange on Hwy 401 at Nagle Rd will be required.

For map at right, click to enlarge or download printable version here.

The Environmental Assessment will look at alternatives for the interchange location that would include:

  • At Nagel Road
  • West of Nagel Road (Greer Road)
  • East of Nagel Road (Jarvis Road)

The EA includes preliminary engineering, a study of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, species at risk, archaeology and built heritage. Once the option is selected it would become part of the Preliminary Design Report for the Highway 401 Widening Study.


Addendum - July 17, 2017

At the Council meeting today, the proposal from MOT was accepted so Cobourg will be paying for the EA for the interchange.  The reason for the 25% split was explained - it's effectively charging 75% of the cost to the new (future) development and 25% to existing taxpayers.


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