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The Town has published two documents which provide information on the Town and they are targeted at businesses. The Community Profile and Relocation Guide include useful information about Cobourg, particularly what you need to know if you relocate yourself or your business to Cobourg.  No Internet Sites or Social Media pages are mentioned even though there is a lot to be found online - especially right here on Cobourg Internet. Taking the two documents together, although there is some good information on the basics of living in Cobourg, there is also a lot missing. If the only things you know about Cobourg are what's included, you'd think Cobourg was really boring.


Under the heading of demographics, the percentage of age groups is listed but no comparison to Ontario is included. Seems there is a desire to downplay the large retirement community.


Total – distribution (%) of the
population by broad age groups –
Cobourg Northumberland Ontario *
0 to 14 Years
15 to 64 years
65 years and over

* this info (for comparison) is not in the Town Document.

Taxes are mentioned although it's doubtful that newcomers will find any home at the "average" price quoted.

Sample Residential Tax Bill (2016)

Assessed Value $236,520
Municipal $1,985
County $1,130
Education $445

Since the profile is intended for businesses, existing employers and employment statistics are provided.  This no doubt indicates the pool of workers and types of businesses already here. Although there is a lot of talk about manufacturing in Cobourg, total employment in Manufacturing is 1830 compared to Service and Retail 8823.

Access the two documents at links below or go to a new Cobourg Internet article on Relocating to Cobourg here.

A Critique of the Two Documents

While it's a good idea to have official Town documents which help potential new businesses locate in Cobourg, there are obvious deficiencies in the first versions. It is hoped that they are a work in progress and can be improved with time.

  • Information on Electricity, gas and water rates is vague and not helpful .
  • Although I have heard many times what a good resource we have with Cobourg Networks Inc and how it provides fibre-optic Internet services to businesses, there is no information on how to access this service - except by contacting LUSI.  Hopefully the receptionist knows where to direct you.  There is also no web site or online information about this service and there is no way of assessing if this service is really useful.  I guess you have to have faith that LUSI will look after you.

The Relocation Guide has a good list of many organizations you might need to contact but does NOT include some key information.

  • Doctors are listed but there is no reference to the recently arrived new doctor nor the web site which helps find a doctor for newcomers (go here for that)
  • Missing is any mention of Entertainment such as the Rainbow Cinema, the Loft, shows at Victoria Hall or those sold by their Box Office or the Art Gallery
  • Cobourg has a thriving Arts and Culture community yet it is only mentioned briefly. 
  • The Harbour, Marina, Boardwalk and Yacht club get barely a mention
  • And probably the biggest attraction in Cobourg - our Beaches - are not mentioned. It's perhaps easy to forget the natural West Beach and the West headland but to only mention the East beach as part of one of our parks seems strange.

These documents are available on the Town's web site. It's under Community profile, not where you might expect.



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