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  • J Andrew Hall said More
    "A Heritage Christmas - Celebrating Canada 150" New website up at
    20 hours ago.
  • Newbie said More
    Cobourg is hot......Ontario is not. Thanks to our beach, pier, Marina , and parks! 1 week ago.
  • James Doherty said More
    Anyone know the theme this year. Would like to get started on a float. 2 weeks ago.
  • Dubious said More
    Langevin Bridge in Calgary is being renamed to "Reconciliation Bridge".... 2 weeks ago.
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    “In a presentation to Council at their next Committee of the Whole Meeting on... 2 weeks ago.
  • Frenchy said More
    Dunno, are there young children and Moms with baby carriages on those sidewalks too? 2 weeks ago.
  • Lorry said More
    Does that apply to young children on their way to school along Burnham Street? 3 weeks ago.
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    Tell that to the stupd woman who nearly impaled herself as she rode into my... 3 weeks ago.

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One of the best known thrift shops in Cobourg – Beyond the Blue Box – celebrated its 25th anniversary today with a concert and free food in Victoria Park.  Four bands were scheduled and it opened with the usual ceremony – Town Cryer Mandy Robinson, MPP Lou Rinaldi and Jamie Simmons (for MP Kim Rudd); there were no members of Council at the opening.  Beyond the Blue Box is unique because it employs members of the community with developmental needs as well as helping recycle a wide range of goods.  But the four others are run by volunteers and support local charities.  All speakers made a point of thanking the volunteers – without them, these charity shops would not exist.

Beyond the Blue Box Celebration

Beyond Blue Box event schedule Beyond Blue Box event Beyond Blue Box event food

Cobourg’s Charity Thrift Shops

beyond blue box

Beyond the Blue Box – 2 stores – the original plus a boutique that sells more upscale merchandise.
14 Covert St
Provides employment opportunities for members of the community with developmental needs and occasionally supports various local charities.

Web site

Horizons of Friendship

Horizons of Friendship
50 Covert St
Proceeds go to help poor in Central America and Mexico

Web site

humane society

Northumberland Humane Society
46 Covert St
Proceeds go to support the Northumberland Humane Society who operate the animal shelter.

Web site

Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane
25 Munroe St
Run by Hospital volunteers – all proceeds go to Northumberland Hills Hospital.  Since 2003, they have raised more than $1million for the hospital.

Facebook Page

Mission Thrift

Mission Thrift Shop (Was originally called Bibles for Missions)
975 Elgin St.
Proceeds provide bibles to third world countries.

More about them here.

Web site



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