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The crowd was one of the biggest yet for the Sandcastle event and the weather held out – you could even say the weather made it interesting.  The Saturday of the August long weekend in Cobourg has been the date for the Sandcastle Festival for 12 years and you can usually count on it being a hot summer’s day.  Today was not really hot – there was a cool breeze which might be better described as a wind so the waves were high and three kite board surfers took advantage.   The beach was also narrower than usual but that added to the drama – see video below.

At around one o’clock, it looked like we were in for a thunderstorm but just then, the wind changed direction.  The good news was that the storm missed Cobourg; the not so good news was that the water level rose an inch or two and some of the sandcastle builders now had moats around their castles!  But the kids seemed to love the unpredictable water and families still managed to find a spot on the beach.  The amateur builders seemed to take the extra water challenge in good spirits too.

The Bylaw enforcement officer was seen busy – I didn’t see if he was writing tickets or giving warnings.  There was also a strong police presence on foot, on Segways and on bicycles. A report of a “lost husband” (a senior) kept them busy for a bit and there were no doubt lost children too.

Victoria Park had a kids’ “fun park” as well as the usual water park etc.  The canteen was busy too.

In addition to all this, the Sidewalk Sale on King Street also had a good crowd – it continues on Sunday (see photos below).

Another great day to be in Cobourg – as a visitor or as a resident.

Video of the beach (5:29 minutes)

Photos of the Sidewalk Sale (see also the report on Thursday).

  Sidewalk Sale Aug5 02 Sidewalk Sale Aug5 10




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