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Over the last 6 months, there have been a number of changes – some of the “John Lee” stores are now occupied, King Street East seems more alive, several stores have been spruced up with art displays, and landlord Fung Louie who lives in the closed Midtown restaurant has put up for sale his two dilapidated stores at 43 and 45 King West along with two others.  Other changes downtown – notably the CIP program and the rejuvenated DBIA – seem to be finally creating the vitalization promised some years ago.  But let’s look at some specifics.

Below are listed addresses that are empty, have changed tenant in the last year or so, or who are now up for sale.  This is based on a walk along King street and multiple Google searches. Please forgive me if I list a store as new but they have been here a while.  I guess I just noticed them!

King Street West

From Hibernia/Spring to Division
South Side

Address Current or most recent store Notes
3 King West Edward Jones Moved from North Side (14 King West)
5 King West AM Hall Jewellers Building (only) for sale at $479,900
27 King West What’s in Store Sells Green Products. Was location for Brittany N Bros who moved to 35 King west.
41 King West Evolve Designs Popup for summer.  It’s the second year for the Kiwi owners.  Building owned by Fung Louie and for sale at $549,000
43 King West The Coffee Shop Has been closed for some time.  Building for sale.
45 King West Unoccupied Closed. 43 and 45 King jointly for sale at $599,000
47 King West Buy and Sell Thriving business.  Building also owned by Fung Louie and up for sale at $649,000 (Listings)
73 King West – multiple units Bears Beads Now closed.  Entire Building is for sale at $2,200,000.
79 King West – multiple units Artisanthropy New store – wool supplies and more.  79 King West was originally owned by John Lee.
79 King West British Pantry Still closed
79 King West Tropical Delites New Store
79 King West Mom to Mom To close Aug 16
79 King West Unoccupied Two units still closed
89 King West Heaven on Earth Spa Closed. For Sale.
91 King West Rustic Bean New Coffee Shop
91.5 King West Condo Sales Office Closed – now for sale – but no longer listed on the internet – may have sold.
97B & 99 King West Northumberland Today Half is offered for rent; the other half is closed pending repair of flood damage.
101 King West Milestones Boutique Building for sale at $649,000

King Street West from Hibernia/Spring to Division
North Side

Address Current or most recent store Notes
2 King West Karwartha Credit Union (and others) The building at 2 King & 239-243 Division St. is up for sale at $1,150,000
4 King West Charlotte’s Web Closed – Opened in Cobourg May 2016.  They still have their Peterborough store.
14 King West Ferreri Clothier New location – moved from 48 King West
18 King West Was Paper Lace Closed – location of Manfred Schumann’s store. Now available for lease.
26 King West With all my Art New
48 King West The Other Door New Art Gallery – probably will close in October (More)
50 King West Midtown Restaurant Owned by Fung Louie – closed for many years
52 King West Unoccupied Was Sarby’s - now for sale or Lease.  Now no listing on the Internet.  Was asking $1,199,000.
96 King West Sakura Sushi Was Stanley’s Fish and Grill (More here)

Many of the empty stores now include displays by local artists in their windows.  Here is a post from December 2016 when this initiative started. (Thanks Warren).

King Street East both sides

From Division to Park Theatre

Address Current or most recent store Notes
2 King East Large building Has been closed for years – status is not available.  In 2014 it was going to be developed. Background.
10 King East A Matter of Taste Closed – available for lease
11 King East Little Underground New - Vintage, retro and oddities store
12 King East Jessie Groomz Pet grooming – Business for sale at $34,900 (Opened April 4, 2016)
14 King East St. Mary’s CSS Uniform Shop New Temporary – will close Sept 16.
15 King East Composite Power Group New – Office opened Fall 2016.
18 King East Ontario Vapes Closed
20 King East King Street Kitchen and Bath Closed – available for lease
22 King East Just Things New . A neat store for browsing
39 King East Unoccupied Closed. Was Macgregor’s pub then Saigon Grill
66 King East Antique Market Business for sale. Originally asking $40,000

Below are a couple of stores on the East side of Division that have different stuff – worth browsing.

Just Things 22 King East Little Underground 11 King East



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