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A couple of years ago, the county did an Environmental Assessment on County Road 2 from Burnham to Port Hope (see link below) and now they are proceeding with Phase 2.  They have already done Phase One which was a refurbishment of the CPR Bridge.  At a special County Council meeting on August 8, a tender for $1.5M was awarded to do the work which covers from Burnham to just past Rogers Road.  It’s already 4 lanes in that stretch but other changes will be made as well as a complete re-pave.  Most of the work will be done in 2017 although some is deferred to 2018 to avoid working in winter.

As well as complete refurbishment of paving, to quote council’s description:

(The work) will include an on-road bike lane on the north side of the road, removal of the sidewalk and installation of a 3.0 m wide off-road multi use trail on the south side of the road, upgrading of the Strathy Road/County Road 2 intersection with accessible pedestrian signals, installation of a pedestrian signal at Rogers Road, replacement of approximately 40 m of storm sewer at Rogers Road, entrance culvert replacements and associated ditching, landscaping, and road rehabilitation and pavement markings from Strathy Road to approximately 300 m west of Rogers Road.

Due to scheduling restraints, the multi-use trail portion of the project will be delayed until 2018 to allow for Norway Asphalt Limited to focus on roadway and intersection work. The existing concrete sidewalk will remain but all curb and ramp work in the intersection will be completed in 2017.

If you’ve driven along Elgin in that stretch you will know that it certainly does need re-paving.

This work is part of a project that could take many years – phase 3 includes adding a centre turn lane to Theatre Road and phase 4 includes extending the 3 lanes to the CPR bridge and adding a roundabout at Theatre Road - but that could be 10 years away.




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