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Town of Cobourg Council Meeting Schedule

Meeting format

Council Meetings are held using a hybrid meeting model. Members of Council and anyone making a delegation of presentation will have the choice to participate in-person in Council Chambers or to participate via Zoom. Some members of Staff may participate via Zoom. In-person attendance in Council Chambers by members of the public is permitted. The public may also view the Council meeting live via the Town of Cobourg live stream.

Access to remote viewing

The system used for the agenda and video streaming is escribe
Access to escribe is at this link

Upcoming meetings are listed first.

When available, access to the Agenda is via links to pdf and HTML versions

During a meeting, a video link is available for streamed video.

After a meeting has been held, on the same page go to Recent meetings, 
On that page, click on Past Meetings then the wanted type of meeting.

Then alongside the wanted meeting, click on video to access the recorded video.
You can also access the pdf agenda and an HTML agenda

Another way to access the recorded video is to click the HTML Agenda instead of video. 

Standing Committees

These dates have been edited to remove dates in the past - only future dates are listed. 

Strategic Priorities and Policy Standing Committee
 Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Deputy Mayor Nicole Beatty and all councillors - Chair Deputy Mayor Nicole Beatty

  • September 3, and October 1 (first Tuesday) at 1 pm
  • October 29 and November 26 (last Tuesday) at 1 pm

Community Services, Protection, and Economic Development Standing Committee
Members: Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Councillor Adam Bureau, Councillor Aaron Burchat

  • September 4, and October 2 (first Wednesday) at 9:30 am
  • October 30 and November 27 (last Wednesday) at 9:30 am

Public Works, Planning, and Development Standing Committee
Members: Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Councillor Brian Darling, Councillor Miriam Mutton

  • September 4, and October 2 (first Wednesday) at 1 pm
  • October 30, November 27 (last Wednesday) at 1 pm (To be confirmed)

Corporate, Finance, and Legislative Standing Committee
Members: Mayor Lucas Cleveland, Deputy Mayor Nicole Beatty, Councillor Randy Barber

  • September 5, and October 3 (first Thursday) at 1 pm
  • October 31 and November 28 (last Thursday) at 1 pm

Public Planning Meeting

  • September, and October the third Wednesday at 5 pm (if required)
  • November and December the second Wednesday at 5 pm (if required)

Regular Council Meeting

All Councillors plus the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be attending.

  • September 25, (the last Wednesday) at 6 pm
  • October 23 (the fourth Wednesday) at 6 pm
  • November 20 and December 18 (the third Wednesday) at 6 pm


Each Friday at 4:00 pm all recent correspondence received by the Town will be posted on escribe. These are often routine and do not require action by Council.  However, a member of Council or Director may at any time request that any correspondence included in the list be incorporated into an agenda for Council's consideration.

 2024 Council Schedule

Town of Cobourg Public Meetings

Meetings with participation by Town staff or politicians

There is a page on the Town’s web site that lists all Public Meetings.  Go here. Well, it's supposed to be all meetings but many are missing.

Give up?  Most "Public Meetings" are Planning and Development meetings anyway - see next section

Public Meetings - Planning and Development

Public Meetings for Planning anad development are listed on the "Development Dashboard" which can be accessed here.


Northumberland County Public Meetings

County meetings are listed on their web site here.


See this page for Surveys.

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