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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.

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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.

Local Government for Cobourg residents includes an upper tier: Northumberland County.  Some services are provided by the County and not the Town and residents pay taxes to them as well as the Town (more on taxes here).

Northumberland County includes the following Towns/Townships:

  • Municipality of Trent Hills
  • Township of Alnwick/Haldimand
  • Municipality of Brighton
  • Town of Cobourg
  • Township of Cramahe
  • Township of Hamilton
  • Municipality of Port Hope

The County is governed by a “Council” with members who are the Mayors of these municipalities.  The Warden is elected by Councillors at the end of each calendar year.  Also elected is a Deputy Warden who fills in Warden duties if the Warden is not available.

Here are the Councillors for 2021

county councillors 2021

County Services

Services provided by the County are:

  • Social Services (e.g. Welfare)
  • Affordable and Subsidized housing
  • Long Term Care - Golden Plough Lodge
  • Major Roads and Bridges
  • Waste Collection and Management
  • Paramedics (Ambulance Service)
  • Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Forest Management

Governance Change

A recent change (starting 2021) to Governance is the addition of Standing Committees who meet each month and are chaired by Councillors.  Their role is to provide input to Council meetings from Staff - with a review.  This is similar to Parliamentary committees and comparable to Cobourg's Committee of the Whole.

Standing Committees

2021 council participation

  • Community Health: Chair Councillor Gail Latchford, Warden Bob Crate, Councillor  Bill Cane
  • Corporate Support: Chair Deputy Warden Mandy Martin, Warden Bob Crate, Councillor John Henderson
  • Economic Development, Tourism & Planning: Chair Councillor Bob Sander­son, Warden Bob Crate, Councillor Gail Latchford.
  • Finance & Audit: Chair Councillor Bill Cane, Warden Bob Crate, Councillor Brian Ostrander
  • Public Works: Chair Councillor Brian Ostrander, Warden Bob Crate, Deputy Warden Mandy Martin
  • Social Services: Chair Councillor John Henderson, Warden Bob Crate, Councillor Bob Sander­son

As well as Councillors, relevant staff will participate and citizens may make presentations.  The County web site does not yet provide a way to request presenting at a meeting - contact the County Clerk for instructions.

Agendas and Schedules

The agendas for Council meetings and Committee meetings are on the County web site here.  This page also has recent minutes and other information about Council meetings.

The schedule for all county meetings in 2021 is here.  Note that Council meetings are at 9:30 am;  morning committee meetings are at 9:00 am and afternoon committee meetings are at 1:00 pm.

Although the County does have advisory committees, their visibility and transparency are poor.  The County web site provides no list of such committees nor dates when they meet.


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