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Town of Cobourg

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The Town of Cobourg currently has no current surveys.

Northumberland County

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The Municipal Communication Survey is being conducted by the County on behalf of all member municipalities.

Municipal Communications SurveyMunicipal Communication
Started 19 Sept 2023
Closes 10 Oct 2023

How do you access updates about municipal services? How do you prefer to be engaged on important local issues? Northumberland municipalities are partnering on a survey of residents and businesses to get answers to these, and other, important questions related to municipal communications and community engagement.

The information from this survey will be used to inform communications planning in each local municipality, and to arrange joint initiatives between municipalities to improve community communications and engagement.

A report-back to the community on the results of this survey will be shared before the end of 2023.

Go here to participate - that is, to do the survey.

The County is seeking feedback on:

This has no closing date.

For more information and to learn more, visit Join in Northumberland

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