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See this page for more about this site including its features.

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Cobourg Internet is operated by the business Cobourg Internet - more here. Contact information here.


The scope of the site is:

Note that Cobourg News is now at a separate site.  The Archive for news from 2013 to 2017 remains.

 More on the scope of Cobourg Internet here.

Site Features

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At the top right of each article is a settings icon and arrow.  Click the arrow to access icons for creating a print friendly copy or to email a friend with a link to the page.

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Use the search box in the left column on each page to search this site (only) to find a page with any key word or phrase.  Search does not include pdfs but does include events.


Many images can be enlarged by clicking them.  If there is more than one enlarged image on a page, you can scroll through the enlarged versions.


Most videos are hosted on Vimeo.  You can go to the Vimeo page directly here. Or go to the index of photos and videos.

Cobourg Information

As well as general information on why Cobourg is a great place to live, there is also information on Transit, Parking, Council, Medical services and more. (Go here).  The section on Entertainment is one of the most popular pages on the site - it is updated regularly and is a guide to what's on. 

About the Entertainment Calendar

Events on the Calendar are collected from various online calendars available for the area. Since the focus is on Entertainment in Cobourg, the following rules apply:

  1. The event must be in Cobourg or close by (see geographic limit above).  However, included are events for Port Hope events at the Capitol Theatre.  This is because many Cobourg Residents travel to nearby Port Hope for Entertainment.  Other Port Hope events are not included - sorry.
  2. Club Events are excluded - no listings of club meetings etc. For info on clubs, go here
  3. Major one time Sporting events are included but not ongoing sporting events such as Cougar scheduled games.
  4. Only major sporting events that allow and encourage spectators are included.
  5. Events for a purely commercial purpose are not included - e.g. seminars promoting a product. Occasional bar entertainment is sometimes included - there is some ongoing bar entertainment listed on this page
  6. Fund-Raising events are included providing they can be classified as Entertainment.
  7. Some Educational Events such as seminars may be included even though strictly they may not be entertaining!  Venture 13 educational seminars are not included.  They are listed here.
  8. Only special movies are listed - see the Loft site and Rainbow page for information on their regular programs.

If you wish to have your event added to the Calendar and it's not already listed and it meets the above criteria, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cobourg News

The news section is on a separate URL - (or


The following domains are used on this site:



  • The site is hosted on - there is a site on this domain but it's hardly worth visiting -  For details on Server used, go here.
  • The site is fully encrypted as shown by the https prefix and the padlock icon in the URL box.
  • Joomla was used to build the site.  Joomla with the template used is fully responsive which means it is fully compatible with tablets and phones.  Generally, the site is updated to the latest version within days of it being released.
  • The site is optimized for use with Chrome which is the most popular browser.  Firefox and Edge also work well.

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