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Site Features

See this page for more about this site including its features.

Cobourg Internet is operated by the business Cobourg Internet - more here. Contact information here.


The scope of the site is:

 More on scope here.

Site Features

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At the top right of each article is a settings icon and arrow.  Click the arrow to access icons for creating a print friendly copy or to email a friend with a link to the page.

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Use the search box in the left column on each page to search this site (only) to find a page with any key word or phrase.  Search does not include pdfs or comments.


Many images can be enlarged by clicking them.  If there is more than one enlarged image on a page, you can scroll through the enlarged versions.


Most videos are hosted on Vimeo.  You can go to the Vimeo page directly here. Or go to the index of photos and videos.

Cobourg Information

As well as general information on why Cobourg is a great place to live, there is also information on Transit, Parking, Council, Medical services and more. (Go here).  The section on Entertainment is one of the most popular pages on the site - it is updated regularly and is a guide to what's on. 

Cobourg News

Site structure

For technical reasons, the news section is now on a separate URL - (or  Effective September 30, 2017 all news posts are on the new site although there will be extensive links to articles on CobourgInternet. Effective October 31, 2017, all existing posts will continue to be accessible, but comments on those posts will not.  That is, comments on this site will no longer be visible.  The comment system on is quite different and fresh registrations are required.


News is sourced from the following:

  • Original information gleaned from direct observation - the name of the person providing the information or a photo indicating the facts will indicate the source.
  • Notes taken while attending a public meeting such as a council meeting or town public information meeting
  • Press Releases by Police, Town or other public entities
  • Facebook and Twitter pages of DBIA, Town or other entities
  • Very rarely, other news outlets - which will be directly indicated and credited.


The following domains are used on this site:



  • The site is hosted on - there is a site on this domain but it's hardly worth visiting -  For details on Server used, go here.
  • The site is fully encrypted as shown by the https prefix and the padlock icon in the URL box.
  • Joomla was used to build the site.  Joomla with the template used is fully responsive which means it is fully compatible with tablets and phones.
  • The site is optimized for use with Chrome which is the most popular browser.  Firefox also works well.
  • Flash is only used in a few places and is not required for a good user experience.

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