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Site Features

See this page for more about this site including its features.

Cobourg Internet is operated by the business Cobourg Internet - more here. Contact information here.


The scope of the site is:

 More on scope here.

Site Features

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At the top right of each article is a settings icon and arrow.  Click the arrow to access icons for creating a print friendly copy or to email a friend with a link to the page.

Search this site

Use the search box in the left column on each page to search this site (only) to find a page with any key word or phrase.  Search does not include pdfs or comments.

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If you subscribe, you will be sent an email every morning at 8:00am giving the first paragraph of each new news post plus a link to the rest of the page.


If you have an RSS Reader (e.g. at, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of the Cobourg News page which can be accessed at the very bottom of the left column on the page.  This is updated in real time.


Many images can be enlarged by clicking them.  If there is more than one enlarged image on a page, you can scroll through the enlarged versions.


Most videos are hosted on Vimeo.  You can go to the Vimeo page directly here. Or go to the index of photos and videos.

Cobourg Information

As well as general information on why Cobourg is a great place to live, there is also information on Transit, Parking, Council, Medical services and more. (Go here).  The section on Entertainment is one of the most popular pages on the site - it is updated regularly and is a guide to what's on.  See also the Cobourg Calendar which lists entertainment events in Cobourg (more below).

Cobourg News


News is sourced from the following:

  • Original information gleaned from direct observation - the name of the person providing the information or a photo indicating the facts will indicate the source.
  • Notes taken while attending a public meeting such as a council meeting or town public information meeting
  • Press Releases by Police, Town or other public entities
  • Facebook and Twitter pages of DBIA, Town or other entities
  • Very rarely, other news outlets - which will be directly indicated and credited.


What pages have comments

Comments are enabled for news items for the current year and for the previous two years.

How to Comment

Just click in the box immediately under the Comments heading or click on reply under a specific comment.  Enter your comment then be sure to enter a name and your email address. The email address is not published but must be provided.  It is used for the notify feature and for the rare occasion that a moderator communicates with commenters. Comments that include slander, spam or hate messages will be deleted.  Spam includes any attempts to sell products or services or soliciting votes in an election.  Slander includes any personal attacks - the bar has now been raised to have less tolerance. Most attempts at spam are automatically deleted - others will be manually deleted.

Also, comments should be related to the subject of the post or to the previous comment.  Unrelated comments will be deleted.

Your name should be unique - don't use "anonymous" or any other name already used.  If you bypass these requirements, your comment will be deleted.  If you find your comment is saved then in a while, disappears, your comment was probably deleted because you did not enter your name.  Many blogs require 100% registration - the only thing I ask is that you identify yourself - is that so hard?  Once a name is chosen, continue to use that.  If you pretend to be two (or more) different people, your name will be edited and you risk being banned.

Emails should be real (that is, it must work and be valid) - if not your comment may be deleted.


The user experience is better if you register since you don't need to pass a captcha test for each comment. Only comments made by registered users can be edited by their author. A name and valid email address are required. 


If you suddenly cannot get access to the site at all, chances are that you have been inadvertently locked out.  The most common reason for this is if you have attempted to enter captcha or login unsuccessfully 7 times inside 15 minutes.  If this happens, you can wait a month or so to be automatically unblocked or contact me and I will unblock you.

Rules and hints

  • First, be sure to provide a name – it’s not that I want your real name although that would be best; but it’s polite blog etiquette to use a name different to others and to always use that name so people know that it’s the same person.  If you don’t even try – you’ll end up with the default name and I will delete your post.  Occasionally, someone forgets to do this (in good faith);  however, their IP address is recorded (as always) and if they used a name on the same IP address, I may edit the name to show what was previously used.
  • If Captcha does not work – and seems to think you ARE a robot, AND you are using a phone or tablet, try a different browser.  For example, Captcha does not work on my tablet unless I use Chrome. The native (original) browser would probably work.
  • If a specific comment fails to save (saving never finishes, or "hangs"), it’s probably because my “behind the scenes” spam filter (Akismet) has decided that you are writing spam.  The rules to avoid being blocked are not made public or they would not work!   But links, many superlatives (like a salesman would use), too many money words or too many sexual words would qualify for sure. Most comments do not get blocked.  You may not in fact be spamming but you may be using a pattern recognized as usually spam - e.g. too many money words in a sentence or short paragraph.  Other combinations may also seem to be spam.  Sorry about that - blame the spammers who cause these systems to be invented.
    Your comment can also be banned and then you are sometimes remembered so that future comments are also banned.  The remembering is done with IP address, the name you enter as author and the email address you use.  So if you suspect this has happened, change one or more of these.
    Occasionally, your comment will be accepted but not published.  Generally I can and will manually authorize your comment.  The symptom of this is a delay in becoming visible.
  • And a further note - if you try to bypass requirements, your comment will be deleted and you risk being intentionally blocked from all access to the site.

Cobourg News Updates

Minor updates will be added to the end of an article then indicated in the sidebar under "News Updates" - these are NOT included for subscribers to the News Mailing List.   It's therefore useful to at least glance at "News Update" when visiting.

Major updates will be provided in a fresh article.  The sidebar "Related Articles" module will indicate recent articles on the same or similar subject.

Cobourg Calendar

This is a collection of entertainment events mostly collected from other web sites.  Unlike other calendars, this does not depend on others providing information in an "Add your event" page.  Club meetings, educational sessions and similar events are not included.  The scope is limited to Cobourg although some major nearby events are included.  Cobourg Internet is not responsible if dates or times are wrong since the organizations holding the event may change dates/times without informing everyone.

If you have an event that you would like included, email me.

Deprecated page

A page called Cobourg and the Web has now been removed.  It was intended to help find web sites based in Cobourg and included over 200 links.  However, most people now use Google (and Bing) and few use pages with links.  Therefore this page has now been removed from this site.


The following domains are used on this site:

  • - home page
  • - home page
  • - news page
  • - news page


  • The site is hosted on - there is a site on this domain but it's hardly worth visiting -  For details on Server used, go here.
  • The site is fully encrypted as shown by the https prefix and the padlock icon in the URL box.
  • Joomla was used to build the site.  Joomla with the template used is fully responsive which means it is fully compatible with tablets and phones.
  • Flash is only used in a few places and is not required for a good user experience.

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