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Both the Town of Cobourg and Northumberland County have a number of Surveys for citizens.  There's a list here.

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Letters to the Editor

A collection of Letters sent to the Editor of Cobourg News Blog.

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It is a beautiful day, would you like to join me for a walk?  We can start around 1955 Abbott Blvd.  Lots of new housing being built.  It is good to see the children outside playing and getting exercise.  We should keep to the left so we can see any cars that are approaching.  With long driveways there is lots of off street parking which is good for on street walking.

There are a number of women jogging by.  It looks like an exercise group.  I have been told it is more comfortable to jog on pavement than concrete.  Now we are passing 2016.  Some residents on the other side of town did not want a sidewalk on their street.  There goes the town bus.  Did you just ask about it stopping at the bus stop?  It only stops when somebody is waiting which is not very often.  Being on a bus route means Abbott gets snow removed earlier than most streets.  Yes, that is right, it can be safer to walk on the street than on icy sidewalks.

I am writing this with little knowledge of fire fighting. In the past I have used fire halls for checking my household carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers as well as having a home fire inspection.

I am cautious and believe in prevention.

Much more important, for my homes, I am focused on being high and dry. I pay close attention to elevation, creeks, ground water and sump pumps.

Canada Disasters tables show flood being, by far, the largest losses. Flood is 5 times more loss than the next highest, which is fire! That is why there is a large retention pond being installed at King St east. Its capacity, approx. 15 swimming pools, is designed to protect residents from a 100 year rain-fall event. Money well spent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Many have lost their jobs. Local small businesses are shuttered. Residents are unable to work and cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgages. Many will be unable to pay their rising property taxes. Credit card debt is the only way for some to put food on the table. We have a financial crisis. Have Cobourg’s bureaucrats eliminated unnecessary expenses to keep more money in the pockets of residents? No, they want Council to approve a budget that spends more than in any previous year. Consider some of the spending in their proposed budget:

I have had a boat at the Cobourg harbour for many years, and am a former executive member of the Cobourg Yacht Club.

I have written two letters to the editor recently, identifying opportunities for change at the marina and waterfront, and received strong support from readers. They have encouraged me to work on another idea….. creating  a "Waterfront Outdoor Dining" venue open to all Cobourg residents.

I understand that this may seem unimportant in our COVID world this winter, but I believe that by next summer, we will begin to go back to normal, and an outdoor waterfront patio dining venue could be welcome as we return to the pleasures of normal life.

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