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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.

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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Many have lost their jobs. Local small businesses are shuttered. Residents are unable to work and cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgages. Many will be unable to pay their rising property taxes. Credit card debt is the only way for some to put food on the table. We have a financial crisis. Have Cobourg’s bureaucrats eliminated unnecessary expenses to keep more money in the pockets of residents? No, they want Council to approve a budget that spends more than in any previous year. Consider some of the spending in their proposed budget:

  • Spend $30,000 to plan repairs to the boardwalk. This is only to plan the necessary repairs and includes nothing to do any actual repairs.
  • Spend $170,000 to operate The Art Gallery of Northumberland in Victoria Hall. The gallery has been closed since March and even in normal times few residents visit the gallery. There is no planned date to reopen the exhibits but they want $170,000 to continue doing nothing.
  • Spend $35,000 on an adult playground that nobody will use.
  • Spend $200,000 to refurbish the signs on Hwy 401. Apparently, the signs are aging and are not inviting for tourists. This unnecessary expense for signs is almost the amount proposed for affordable housing.
  • Spend $200,000 for the construction of a sidewalk on Abbott Boulevard. This unnecessary project is opposed by virtually all of the residents in the Abbott neighbourhood.
  • Spend $232,000 to purchase a custom trailer to move the dredge. Cobourg has used the dredge for many years and has not needed a trailer. Why now?
  • Spend $800,000 to purchase a new fire truck.
  • Spend $40,000 to repair the roof on Dressler House. Dressler House was once a modest private house. How many residents would consider spending $40,000 to repair the roof on their own houses?
  • Spend $150,000 to repair the roof on the Market Building. The Market Building is smaller than many Cobourg bungalows so why spend so much?

These are just a few of the planned expenses. If you are concerned or have questions about these and hundreds of other expenditures, ask our Mayor and Councillors. Their phone numbers are at

Ken Strauss
Cobourg Resident

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