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I am writing this with little knowledge of fire fighting. In the past I have used fire halls for checking my household carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers as well as having a home fire inspection.

I am cautious and believe in prevention.

Much more important, for my homes, I am focused on being high and dry. I pay close attention to elevation, creeks, ground water and sump pumps.

Canada Disasters tables show flood being, by far, the largest losses. Flood is 5 times more loss than the next highest, which is fire! That is why there is a large retention pond being installed at King St east. Its capacity, approx. 15 swimming pools, is designed to protect residents from a 100 year rain-fall event. Money well spent.

The cost of fire prevention seems high. Has Cobourg ever had 2 fires in one day and at the same time? Not "calls" but fires? One truck seems more than adequate plus one pumper. If simple maintenance is required on a truck then either Port Hope is put on high alert OR all of Northumberland County from Campbellford to Brighton could "share" an extra truck in some cost-effective arrangement.

I don't like writing about something that I don't understand - but I also don't like not being presented all the facts:

  • How many fires were fought per year, during the past 5 years? In the USA research shows a considerable downward trend in fires.
  • Has "private contract" firefighters being studied?
  • Why does the fire dept. not have a reserve fund sufficient for future capital expenses? Why surprises? Is it because there are too many councillors willing to say Yes?Colborne fire
  • Why not share a "loaner" truck within the county for long term maintenance or repair? Does your local auto garage not supply customers with loaner cars? The extra truck could be stationed at the county station of most need!
  • Are "needs" based on keeping up with the Jones?  (a look at the attached photo for the small Town of Colborne may suggest this is possible!)

Cobourg resident
Ted Williams

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