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I am writing this with little knowledge of fire fighting. In the past I have used fire halls for checking my household carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers as well as having a home fire inspection.

I am cautious and believe in prevention.

Much more important, for my homes, I am focused on being high and dry. I pay close attention to elevation, creeks, ground water and sump pumps.

Canada Disasters tables show flood being, by far, the largest losses. Flood is 5 times more loss than the next highest, which is fire! That is why there is a large retention pond being installed at King St east. Its capacity, approx. 15 swimming pools, is designed to protect residents from a 100 year rain-fall event. Money well spent.

The cost of fire prevention seems high. Has Cobourg ever had 2 fires in one day and at the same time? Not "calls" but fires? One truck seems more than adequate plus one pumper. If simple maintenance is required on a truck then either Port Hope is put on high alert OR all of Northumberland County from Campbellford to Brighton could "share" an extra truck in some cost-effective arrangement.

I don't like writing about something that I don't understand - but I also don't like not being presented all the facts:

Cobourg resident
Ted Williams