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It is a beautiful day, would you like to join me for a walk?  We can start around 1955 Abbott Blvd.  Lots of new housing being built.  It is good to see the children outside playing and getting exercise.  We should keep to the left so we can see any cars that are approaching.  With long driveways there is lots of off street parking which is good for on street walking.

There are a number of women jogging by.  It looks like an exercise group.  I have been told it is more comfortable to jog on pavement than concrete.  Now we are passing 2016.  Some residents on the other side of town did not want a sidewalk on their street.  There goes the town bus.  Did you just ask about it stopping at the bus stop?  It only stops when somebody is waiting which is not very often.  Being on a bus route means Abbott gets snow removed earlier than most streets.  Yes, that is right, it can be safer to walk on the street than on icy sidewalks.

Kevin BurtKevin Burt at Council MeetingLet's cross over to 2017.  Now it seems a sidewalk is to be built here.  Is that planning work being done before the final approval?  Our councillors and deputy mayor have decided not build it.  On the other side of the street, at 2018, there is work on a Sidewalk Priority Plan.  Some residents across town are providing input.  It sounds like the opinions of those residents were heard.  The Priority Plan has been revised and approved just as we are about to walk by 2019.  Isn't this the time of the year the Santa Clause Parade is staged on Abbott?  Where are the no parking signs?  Oh, I see them, but they are all close together at one end of the street.  Usually the temporary signs are put out on both sides of the entire street.  Well it does not matter much as there are only three vehicles parked on the street anyway.

"Why build sidewalks?" you ask.  Well for one thing it is part of the Transportation Master Plan.  Yes, I know there is much more in the TMP.  The short-term cycling paths that were to be completed by 2016 for example.  Work has to start somewhere so funds have been budgeted to build a sidewalk on Abbott.  About 15 residents attended an open house in 2010 to provide input for the TMP.  Doesn't that count as having support and meeting the expectations of residents?  It was only 11 years ago.  Have things changed much?  How often do you think it should be reviewed?

Where would you like to go now?  Maybe Town Council will lead us to where we want to go.

Kevin Burt
Abbott Boulevard