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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.

One of the wonderful things that has made life in Northumberland County particularly worth living in recent years has been the advent of The Loft in Cobourg: a space for live performance and opera, ballet, documentaries and other films.

The Loft has been brought to its knees by the prolonged COVID shutdown. It needs our help. Will you join us? Specifically, we aim to raise a total of $25,000 which will cover rent arrears, equipment repairs, and a small backlog of film costs. Ideally, 100 people donating $250 each would do the trick and we, the first Friends of The Loft, are committing to donate $250 each.  But any donation would of course be very welcome.

Our hope is to have The Loft open and running, in a COVID compliant way, before the end of July. Our goal is to restore the full program that we used to enjoy at The Loft. Our fear is that we may lose a major cultural component of our community if we do not act.

To donate (this is not a charitable donation and no tax receipt will be issued):

  1. Mail your cheque or money order, payable to Friends of The Loft, to Virginia McLaughlin at 7 Fitzhugh Lane, Cobourg, Ontario K9A 4N5; or
  2. Send an E-Transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (I am assured that this has been tested and works, although I have never done an e-transfer myself).

Please join us and become Friends of The Loft. We look forward to seeing you there again, but remember it will take your help to make it happen.  And if you think that your friends might like to contribute, please feel free to reach out to them.

Friends of The Loft

Virginia McLaughlin, Martin Partridge, Carolyn Knowles, Gail Rayment, Shirley Richardson, Peter McLaughlin

Now the legal bit – darn those lawyers.

Please be assured that this fundraising campaign is being made with the full knowledge and gratitude of Ken Prue. Also, we have no financial interest in the Loft nor will we as a result of this fundraising.

Note from Editor:  The above was sent earlier by email to a large number of people - apologies if you are seeing this again.

Update 30 June 2021
(Abbreviated Summary)

It is our very great pleasure to send you a wonderful update, and a final appeal.

We had initially planned a 4 week campaign to raise the necessary funds, but because of the flood of donations we are going to shorten the campaign to 2 weeks.  You have provided about $24,000 in donations thus far, which is fantastic. We are almost at the point that Ken’s arrears and needed repairs can be brought entirely up to date.

So, to those who have provided your support already, many, many, many thanks.

Friends of The Loft
Virginia McLaughlin, Martin Partridge, Carolyn Knowles, Gail Rayment, Shirley Richardson, Peter McLaughlin

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