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We are Cobourg citizens who are concerned about a new development (called 296 George Street) planned for the southeast corner of George Street and Buck Street. The initial plan includes a 3-storey 15 unit apartment building to be located along the entire east side of the lot. In the initial submission, the proposed development does not appear to adhere to the heritage guidelines in scale, massing, size, and density – overlooking and dominating the c1865 property beside it and dwarfing all other buildings on the street – many of them designated as heritage properties. See images below.

We understand that the Town's development review team have examined the application and have sent it back to the applicant with a number of requirements that have to be changed or met. We do not know when a revised plan might be submitted, but want to be sure that the heritage guidelines have been observed, that there is sufficient parking for the number of units, and that the development truly fits with the George Street Heritage Conservation District. As residents of the heritage town of Cobourg, we must be vigilant in knowing what is happening in town and working together to protect the heritage look and feel of this beautiful place.

Although we have been told that the development must meet the standards of our heritage conservation districts, we have also been told that the first submission was allowable in many respects. This is concerning. We have shared our concerns with the Town Planning department, Councillors, the ACO (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario), The Heritage Advisory, and neighbours in the district.

Since the only "official notice" about such a development is a sign on the property and, we believe, a notice in the local paper, it is very easy for residents to miss what's going on until it's too late. This is why we are writing in – to spread awareness and to encourage heritage-minded citizens to familiarize themselves with the plans and to speak up if they have concerns about the development. This is the only way we will protect the heritage quality of Cobourg.

Erik Kvernstad, Tracy Evans


Before and after Images - click to enlarge

296 George - now296 George - Nowbuck st vacant lotBuck st - Now

296 George - planned296 George - Plannedbuck st - plannedBuck st - Planned

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