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Dear Cobourg residents

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, suffer from diabetes, glaucoma, or macular degeneration issues, this may be of interest to you and the health of your families.

You may already be aware of this developing issue in Ontario but in case not, you should be.

Optometrists in Ontario will be withdrawing services to all OHIP patients (basically all of us) effective September 1/2021, unless the Ontario Government agrees to sit down to negotiations with Ontario‚Äôs Optometrists. Apparently over the last 30+ years, the increase for patient eye care has only increased 17 cents per year, to this point (according to the Ontario Association of Optometrists)  Optometrists are paying out of pocket for a portion of patient eye care.  I am not involved in this field in any way other than a user who has diabetes.

The issue was brought to my attention through the C.A.R.P. organization of retired persons on a webinar on Youtube:

It appears the objective of the webinar is to inform and obtain the support of the public to influence the Government to sit down at the table with Optometrist.  If you think this might be a worthy issue for the many users of optometrists in our town, I invite you to watch the webinar.

The intent of the webinar is to garner support from the people of Ontario to cause the Government of Ontario to sit down and negotiate in good faith, thereby preventing withdrawal of Services by all Optometrists in the Province. I invite all to view the webinar and if so moved contact your provincial government representative.

Rocky Cleveland
Cobourg Resident