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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.


Northumberland Festival of the Arts (NFOTA) is a not-for-profit organization in Northumberland County. Many NFOTA volunteers live in Cobourg. "Resilience" was the theme of this year's festival, held from September 16 to October 2. A good portion of the 40 events were held in Cobourg, with the balance sprinkled throughout Northumberland County. This exciting festival showcased local music, visual arts and drama, plus offered opportunities to participate, to learn and to be inspired.

To help promote the festival, a trio of NFOTA volunteers recorded a music video in December of 2021 . Lynn C. Bilton, Christopher Cameron and Marie-Lynn Hammond had so much fun creating "Spread the Word" (which became the festival's theme song) that they choose "What Fun!" as the name for their group.

What Fun! had the privilege of performing at the NFOTA Opening Ceremonies on Friday, September 16, and for a sellout crowd at the "Together We Can" concert on Saturday, October 1. Both events were held at the historic Victoria Hall in Cobourg. Fiddle-player Saskia Tompkins was their special guest at both events.

Andy Thompson, from Northumberland Music Studio / Studio 29 in Warkworth, recorded the October 1 event for those who didn't have the opportunity to attend. Please enjoy "More Fun" by What Fun! by clicking on this link.

For more information, please visit

Best regards,

Lynn C. Bilton
NFOTA Volunteer
Resident of Cobourg

Marie Lynn Christopher Lynn SaskiaMarie-Lynn, Christopher, Lynn, Saskia


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