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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.

Letters to the Editor

A collection of Letters sent to the Editor of Cobourg News Blog.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Many have lost their jobs. Local small businesses are shuttered. Residents are unable to work and cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgages. Many will be unable to pay their rising property taxes. Credit card debt is the only way for some to put food on the table. We have a financial crisis. Have Cobourg’s bureaucrats eliminated unnecessary expenses to keep more money in the pockets of residents? No, they want Council to approve a budget that spends more than in any previous year. Consider some of the spending in their proposed budget:

I have had a boat at the Cobourg harbour for many years, and am a former executive member of the Cobourg Yacht Club.

I have written two letters to the editor recently, identifying opportunities for change at the marina and waterfront, and received strong support from readers. They have encouraged me to work on another idea….. creating  a "Waterfront Outdoor Dining" venue open to all Cobourg residents.

I understand that this may seem unimportant in our COVID world this winter, but I believe that by next summer, we will begin to go back to normal, and an outdoor waterfront patio dining venue could be welcome as we return to the pleasures of normal life.

You may have read on Pete Fisher’s Today’s Northumberland that there was a house fire here in Cobourg on Friday at the home of Stephanie Dejong and her two children. Here is a link to the online article

With under two weeks to Christmas, the family has lost everything. I reached out to Stephanie, a single mom, Saturday night and she is worried that her kids will miss Christmas. She works at a long care home here in Cobourg and has been budgeting to buy presents with each paycheck in time for Christmas. As a single mom of three girls myself for many years I know first hand the financial stress of Christmas. Add in a house fire where you lose everything during a pandemic and many would simply give up! The presents for Jackson and Chloe were all wrapped and under the tree but now are gone in the fire. Stephanie is speaking with the insurance agents but as we know that takes time so I am sharing a list of a few gifts that the kids would like for Christmas. I would appreciate any help you can give. I will be co-ordinating any receipts of money, gift cards and gifts to give to Stephanie as soon as possible. If you can help with something on this list, please let me know so we don’t duplicate anything.

Each year the Northumberland chapter of Amnesty International Canada honours Human Rights Day on 10 December by participating in the national Write for Rights campaign.

Before Covid-19 this meant that churches, service clubs, unions, schools and shops across Northumberland would host Amnesty volunteers for a discussion of human rights issues around the world. The public would then be asked to sign letters or petitions in solidarity with human rights defenders.

This year things are, as with much else in the world, working a little differently. But even so, Amnesty Northumberland is committed to bringing the struggles of human rights defenders to the attention of Northumberland residents.

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