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I have had a boat in the Cobourg marina for many years, and am a former executive member of the Cobourg Yacht Club. I have seen much progress made at the marina and waterfront over the years, but there is more to do.

Here are some of my comments. I expect strong reaction, but this is how I see things.

Consultants Studies

There have been two recent consultant studies that recommended raising marina slip rental fees in order to help finance investment.

CYC was formed in 1964 by local men and women, with a mission to provide boaters and visitors with a place to gather and share their love of sailing. As the membership grew, improvements were made to the first clubhouse. In the early 1980’s, with an increased interest in boating and a change in the purpose of the harbour area from industrial to pleasure, plans were made to build a new clubhouse. Together with a BILD grant, donations and hours of CYC member volunteer work, the current clubhouse behind the marina was completed. The original clubhouse continues to be a sailing centre for the sailing school and centreboard craft.

In 1985 CYC donated the new clubhouse to the Town of Cobourg in exchange for a long-term lease for nominal consideration. Pursuant to the lease CYC pays all “taxes, costs, expenses and obligations” related to the occupancy of the leased premises. Building improvements and maintenance and repairs have been paid for by CYC since 1985. All the property in front of and around the clubhouse belongs to the marina, not the club and the club does not own any docks. Members who keep their boats at the marina, pay the marina full fees.

Lawrence and Donna Londry became business owners of this home décor/design business in January 2019. They successfully operated the store in Port Hope until June 2020. Covid and uncertainty around their ability to commit to an extension on their lease caused them to pause their retail offering. Following a summer filled with consulting on home refresh projects, custom drapery and furniture orders they reconsidered having a retail store front. In October of this year all the stars aligned and they found a beautiful little shop available at 83 King St. W. in downtown Cobourg.

At Monday's Council meeting Cobourg's Fire Chief jumped the queue and was rewarded handsomely for turning the usual budget process upside down. At the last minute our Fire Chief added an item to Council's agenda to pre-approve spending $240,000 before any budget deliberations. Masquerading as "equity" for a female fireperson hired a year ago without consideration of how she could be accommodated, the spending is for renovations at the Cobourg Fire Station. The renovations involve adding a Personal Protective Equipment storage room, adding a new Gross Decontamination shower, reconstruction of the existing washroom / shower area and changes to the Duty Office to allow hiring of more firepersons. These changes are not critical to fire fighting in Cobourg and are probably far less important than items for other departments. They obviously should not bypass the entire budget process.

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