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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.

Life in Cobourg is as near ideal as it can be. The town is small enough to be friendly and free of city problems yet large enough to have great entertainment and cultural activities as well as good stores. To add to that, the waterfront is a gem with a good beach, marina and parks. Cobourg is only an hour from Toronto and you can see the major shows without staying in Toronto overnight. Some people even like it here so much they commute every day – although there is also good employment here but at lower wages than the big smoke.

Activities in Cobourg

cobourg community centreCobourg Community CentreCompared to the city, Cobourg seems to have more things happening and there is better access to politicians and people who “make things happen”. I say “seems” because this may be true in the city but here you don’t have to look as hard or work as hard to get connected. The Mayor knows many people by sight and by name and it’s not hard to find a chance to talk to him. Getting action or change is another matter, like anywhere.

If you are retired, there are many volunteer organizations to suit all needs. There are social clubs like Probus; service clubs like the Lions and Rotary; special interest clubs like Bridge, Euchre, Photography, Quilting, Keep Fit, Bowling, Seniors groups, bird watching; organizations active in the Arts like the Art Gallery, Northumberland Players, Orchestra, Oriana singers, Vintage Film – the list goes on. There are also sporting clubs catering to hockey, lacrosse, soccer, cycling, dragon boating, hiking, volleyball, rugby, a yacht club and more. [A list here]. 

cougarsOJHL Cobourg CougarsA fairly recent addition to Cobourg's attractions is its community centre (photo above right).  This is a large building with 2 world class Hockey rinks where regional and junior championships are held as well as MLS Lacrosse in summer. Several major concerts have also been held here. There is also a large "double" gym, meeting rooms and general purpose rooms.  A walking track runs around one of the arenas and is used by many people wanting to keep fit, especially in winter.  The previous arena now hosts a curling club.

There are a large number of Parks - large and small with a range of types.  Formal to nature, leisure to athletic.  See a list here.

The only complaint anyone has relates to the weather. After all, Cobourg is in Southern Ontario and winter is a reality.

Canada Day WeekendMany older people become Snow Birds and spend their winters in Florida or even Mexico. But when the summer comes, nothing beats walking along the waterfront boardwalk to see the activity in the Harbour and on the beach.

The liveliest weekend of the year is the July 1st weekend when Cobourg comes alive with the Waterfront Festival – many marquee tents are erected for artists with their work, vendors selling crafts, entertainment and a beer tent as well as stalls selling the usual trinkets.

The harbour is packed with boats from all around Lake Ontario including from the U.S. across the lake. A great party!

When the world discovers us, we might have a problem coping with the growth but that’s what I would call a “high class problem”! John Draper

More Information

If you live in Cobourg or are thinking about coming here, we have a collection of articles with information you may find useful.

Transit Information - The transit system is now "on demand" and has frequent changes due to changes in policy and availability of drivers - it's best to get information directly from the Town's web site - Go here. If the link does not work, Google for Cobourg Transit.
Taxis in Cobourg
Medical Services
Clubs in Cobourg
Parade Route
Leaf and Yard Waste Collection
Cell Phone Coverage
Heritage in Cobourg - Victoria Hall
Shopping in Cobourg
Cobourg Police
Cobourg Retirement Homes


Cobourg Beach
Cobourg's Parks

In addition, if you want to know about the Town Council and what they provide to the Town, go to Council Information here.

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