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Covid-19 alert - There will be no Canada Day Parade in 2021 - hopefully there will be a Santa parade in November - stay tuned

Santa Parade - November 17,  2019,  2:00 pm

Westwards along King from D’Arcy to William.

Staging occurs along Abbott Blvd south of King. Click map to enlarge

parade route

Road closures

Alternative Route for Highway 2: 1:45 to 4:00 pm

Eastward.  Instead of turning south on William street, continue along Elgin to Brook Street. Go south on Brook and turn left to rejoin Highway 2.
Westward.  At Brook street turn right and go north to Elgin.  Turn left and rejoin Highway 2 at William.

Santa Parade Official Site

The official site is here.

Canada Day Parade.

The Canada Day Parade starts at noon and goes in the reverse direction.  That is, it starts at  William Street and finishes at the Bandshell in Victoria Park