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Cobourg's Coat of Arms

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Cobourg has installed three high definition (HD) cameras in Council Chambers together with a production desk in the passageway directly behind the Mayor’s location.  During Council meetings, a Town staff operator uses the production desk and selects the appropriate camera for transmission.  Sound is picked up from the Town’s system. The resulting feed is then streamed to the Town's You-Tube account here and Cogeco (channels 10 and 700).   The icompass link goes to the YouTube video.


Cable TV provider Cogeco uses this stream to broadcast the meetings and it's quite acceptable now that the bugs have been ironed out. Cogeco broadcasts live on channel 700 (HD) and 10, and replays several times over the following days.  You can also view it live via the streaming option or up to three months later on the Town's You-Tube account.  To watch the meetrings live, go to the Town's You-Tube Channel.

High Definition

Although the source is High Definition and the You-Tube recording is high definition, somewhere along the path from the camera to You-Tube, the quality is degraded.  It's much better than the original icompass version but it's about the same as "standard definition" TV as you would get (e.g.) on cable 10.  (Note that high defintion would be at least 720p).

Recorded Version

The recorded version can be accessed two ways:

1. By going to the Town Portal here and then choose the meeting you are interested in (access the calendar if needed)..

Once on the meeting page, you will get a page showing the meeting agenda.  If a video is available, at the top of the page you will see something like this:

Capture portalClick “Show Video”.  You will then see the video plus the Agenda.  Video controls are as usual including full-screen.

Recorded videos are available for 3 months.

2.  The second way is to simply go to the Town's You-Tube channel and select the meeting based on the date.

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