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Cobourg's Coat of Arms

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Cobourg's Vitalization project started in July 2013 and was intended to make Cobourg's Downtown more vibrant and attractive.  This would mean having fewer closed stores and upgrading its appearance. There were therefore two major components: 1) Cosmetic improvements and 2) an investment in upgrading of downtown businesses.

Cosmetic improvements

Improvements to date and planned:

  • Vehicle Way Finding Signs
  • The Youth Entrepreneurship Program has had short term businesses run by youth at the Beach and Downtown although recently it has focused on the Beach area.
  • Downtown Gateway & Street Parking Signs
  • Henley Arcade
  • Closed Circuit Security Cameras
  • Victoria Square Project - creating a public space on Second Street and at the Market square.  This is on hold pending obtaining a grant from the Provincial and/or the Federal Government.
  • Latest Update - 11 Feb 2019

Links are to news items with more information. 

Upgrading Downtown Businesses

This requires a vision of what the downtown should look like.  Since it’s a heritage district, the look is important but it also must be commercially successful.  So an early goal was to develop a model of what the downtown should be like and be sure that supported new businesses sign up to that.  The Town commissioned a Heritage Master Plan as well as a Downtown Master Plan - these were completed early 2016.

To upgrade the businesses and buildings in Cobourg’s downtown, the Vitalization plan originally envisioned an arms-length agency of the Town that would promote downtown investment and growth and since the obstacle is often reluctance by banks to lend the required cash, the agency – or corporation – would help with business planning and actually provide or perhaps guarantee loans.  More on this Community Improvement Venture Corporation (CIVI) here. This idea has now been shelved since most of the "help" to businesses in the form of loans or grants can be done with another lower cost and lower risk Plan - a Community Improvement Plan - which has been established and approved.

Another study that has been done but with no follow-up (so far) is a Tourism Asset Study.  Only one asset was identified - the Trailer Park.  The idea is to perhaps turn it into a resort or boutique hotel with a waterfront restaurant.  This is a highly contentious issue.  More here and here.  Current consensus is to shelve this idea too.

In the early stages of the Vitalization project, an attempt was made to keep citizens informed with newsletters but these are no longer issued.  Below is a list of the newsletters issued.

Vitalization Newsletters

Note that the newsletters have been edited to suit this format and for brevity – no essential info has been omitted although the footer, the table of contents, some graphics and “coming soon” have been omitted. Note that more recent issues have morphed the name to be "Downtown Newsletters" and not simply Vitalization.  But, they have now stopped.

Status as of November 2016

Carol McCann gave an update to Council on the progress and issues related to Vitalization.  Read a post on her report here.

Status as of August 2017

The Economic Development Department presented a report to Council on recommendations by the Downtown Marketing Partnership - effectively a plan to create a plan to find tenants for vacant buildings. Go here for details.

Status as of February 2019

A report on the status was presented to Council in February 2019 go here for details.


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